129 Skipper Dan

We’ve got a super great (and long) show for you today. We talk about Weird Al’s Weezer style parody and Disney Jungle Cruise song, Skipper Dan off of the Internet Leaks album. We are joined by comedian Adam Scharf and ex skipper Michael Knight to discuss the song. We also stumble upon a hidden Weezer link that might explain the whole thing.

Oh, and we talk about Tomorrowland for a moment.

Check out Adam on August 30th at Sak Comedy Lab at 930 for his two person show Tad and Lorna: Happily Divorced. Also check him out on What Am I Missing? talking in depth about Weezer.

Remember to call us at 302 72 WEIRD so we can add your voice to the podcast!

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  • Brett Waldon commented on August 28, 2018 Reply

    Thanks for the shout out! Loved the episode!

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